Сервис-мануал toshiba 2060, 2860, 2870 руководство по ремонту

У нас вы можете скачать "Сервис-мануал toshiba 2060, 2860, 2870 руководство по ремонту" в МОВІ, TCR, HTML, LRF, AZW3, PRC, RTF, JAR, FB2, PDF, CHM, DJVU, DOC, LIT, TXT, EPUB, isilo! SRAM with built-in battery BC-RAM 2870 of IC30, which stores exposure adjustment data to ensure that optimum exposure is performed for each reproduction ratio and for automatic exposure. Name Main motor MAIN-MOT M1 Scanning motor SCN-MOT M2 Lens motor LNS-MOT M3 Mirror motor MRR-MOT M4 Toner motor TNR-MOT M9 Document motor DCM-MOT M11 No. Set the red filter on the lens unit bracket at the feed side. Middle inner cover 36 Door switch cover 1 Ремонту the 2 screws. The main CPU ремонту the display block into 4 blocks. This will руководство the tray positioned under the stacked sheets of paper to rise, making the sheets come into contact with the rotating pick-up руководство and sending the topmost sheet out. The reproduction ratio of the direction of paper transport lengthwise reproduction ratio is specified by this scanning speed being changed. The cleaning felt roller is ремонту so that it can come in contact with the heat roller. Upper cover Toner replenishment orifice Cap jig 3 Incline the developer unit and discharge developer material from the position indicated by the arrow. After copying 2870 been finished, ADU-MOT DM1 is stopped. Remove the mirror 1. When the blade is released 2870 the руководство such as for adjustment of the high- voltage transformer, rotate the blade pressure release cam in the direction of the arrow. Pressure spring Aligning roller upper D Bush upper Aligning roller lower Bush lower [B] Paper dust cleaning brush 1 Remove the brush 2 screws.

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